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TeamSpeak3 Server Regeln EN

§1.0 Online times

All users who have the 12+ icon have to leave the Teamspeak at 22:00.

All users who have the 14+ icon have to leave the Teamspeak at 24:00.

If that's not the case, they'll be temporarily banned until 8:00 am of the next day. Exeptions are weekends and holidays.

§1.1 Naming

The nickname should match the in-game nickname. Possibly. The nickname can be supplemented with another nickname.

Nicknames should not contain offensive or other prohibited, protected or parts of names.

§1.2 Avatar

Avatars may not contain pornographic, racist, offensive or other content that violates German law. Team member will delete such avatars, and give out a warning. Such decisions are final.

§2.1 Handling tone

Dealing with other Teamspeak users should always be friendly. Discrimination and verbal attacks are strictly prohibited and will be punished.

§2.2 Server chat

The server chat should only be used in exceptional cases.

§2.3 Channel hopping

Channel hopping (the constant jumping from one channel to an other) is prohibited.

§2.4 Recording conversations/calls

The recording of conversations is only allowed in specific channels. As an example the Streaming/Aufnahme channel.

§2.5 Absence

In case of prolonged absence, the user is asked to go to the corresponding AFK channel (s). In a case of shorter absence, a short logout in the channel is sufficient.

§3.1 Instruction rights

Owner, Engineer, Community-Leader, Head Admin`s, Admin`s, Supporter, Test-Supporter have full authority.
Denying a instruction can lead to a kick or a ban. Discussing a kick or ban is only allowed in private messages with a staff member.

§3.2 TS3 Rights

Asking for Teamspeak rights are not permitted. In the case rights are needed a responsible admin will assing them to you.

§4.1 Advertising

Any kind of advertising is prohibited on this server. Advertisement through audio tracks or avatars is strictly prohibited. If you intent to advertise, please contact an Community leader for further questions. It is possible to negotiate terms for advertising.

§4.2 Attempts of hacking or hacking attacks

Any attack against this server or its members is liable to be prosecuted.

§4.3 Privacy

Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and the like are not allowed to be publicly exchanged. A server admin will never ask for sensitive data, such as user passwords.

§5.1 Own music / sounds

Playing your own music or sounds is forbidden without exception on this Teamspeak.

§5.2 Bots (especially music bots)

No bots external are allowed to connect to the Friendstime server.

§5.3 Upload of files

It is not permitted to upload pornographic, racist or protected material or to exchange it with other users.

§6.1 Channel Rules

Server rules can be overridden or expanded by channel rules. It is important to follow the channel rules.

§6.2 Registration requirement

All users are required to follow the Friendstime server rules. If a rule violation is detected by a user, it must be reported immediately to a staff member.

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